About This Site
Photos are sometimes taken of school activities such as sports games, drama productions and similar. With the exception of the few images that find their way into school publications, the students involved and their families rarely get to see the photos. This site is a vehicle for families to view and obtain copies of those photos. It also serves as a way to distribute photos to school publications such as the school newspaper and year book. It is not intended for, and images are not readily available to the general public. A password is needed to access the photos.

Image Use
Images can be downloaded at no cost from this website for non-commercial personal/family use only. They may NOT be published in a public forum, e.g. on a public website, newspaper, etc. without express permission of the photographer and St. Mary's Academy. Copyright of the images remains with the photographer.

Obtaining Digital Images for Personal Use
To view the image gallery for a particular event a password is needed. The password will be made available through channels associated with the event. Students can obtain this information from supervising teachers. A password hint is provided which attempts to be meaningful to those associated with the event.

To download an image, navigate to that specific image and right-click on it. A menu will appear. Alternatively, placing the mouse over an image will cause a menu to slide in from the left. The menu has an option to download the image. There is also the option to download all of the photos in a gallery as a zip file. The downloaded file is the original full resolution image.

Privacy Considerations
Given the private nature of this site and the fact that most of the subjects are minors, photos on this website are password protected and no personal information is provided. If you are the subject of one of these photos, or the parent/guardian of one of the subjects and would like to have the photo removed from this site, please use the contact link on this site's home page to let us know. The image will be removed as quickly as possible.